‘This is about giving the Bedroom Dance that we all have the stage it has always deserved.’

/ Daniel Vais, founder and choreographer /

Dance Karaoke is about allowing people of all ages and experience to dance in a professional setting, without fear of commitment or judgement. Using a full studio stage, and shoes-off policy, this is literally about having fun, and embracing the body and its capability to express.

The world's first Dance Karaoke took place in September 2014 at ATELIER GOLDSTEIN in Frankfurt, Germany, during a choreographic residency by Daniel Vais. The concept was conceived by Daniel Vais and Melanie Schmitt. 

‘Dance is a social engagement, it’s a language we all understand as humans, and too frequently don’t have the space to use it. Dance Karaoke is simply providing the space.’
Daniel Vais, founder and choreographer

Choreographic assistance and advice can be sought from Daniel before and during the event.